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Thursday, January 28, 2010


State of the Union

Obama was his usual eloquent self at the State of the Union-if he's good at anything, it's giving speeches.
Most of it was just so much hot air and promises that he's going to need Congressional cooperation to carry out, like every other State of the Union. 2 things stuck out:
-Don't Ask Don't Tell: I like repeal of DADT in theory. In practice, what do you do about shared sleeping/bathing areas? They don't force men and women to bunk together; what issue is present there that is not present with homosexuals and heterosexuals of the same gender bunking together. Note that I am not saying homosexuals are any more immoral than heterosexuals, just that they suffer from the same temptations everyone else does.
-Dissing the Citizens United decision WHILE THE SUPREME COURT WAS SITTING THERE. Was even FDR so brazen? What would the reaction have been if Bush were to criticize Lawrence during his State of the Union while the Supreme Court was sitting there? Bad form, Barry.

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