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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Health Insurance

I finally got my paperwork in for the Healthy NY insurance program. They really need to make it clear what documentation you can use-You can use tax info, pay stubs, a copy of a check, or a letter from an employer to establish income or employment, but there is no mention of being able to use a copy of the check on their website-only tax info, pay stubs, or a letter. It can be easier for people paid on a 1099, who don't get pay stubs, and may not be able to wait for the 1099, to get a copy of a check from their bank, rather than wait for their employer to write a letter.
It is a good program though-other states might want to look into it. However, I think there should not be an income requirement-many people make more than the required amount, but not enought to be able to afford the premimums for individual health insurance.

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