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Thursday, April 16, 2009



I traded in my regular cellphone for a BlackBerry Curve last week. So far, I like the change.
I like having a QWERTY keyboard, and not having to type "Dan" as "3266." I like being to get on the Internet and check my email anywhere, and actually being to use the Internet in a rudimentary fashion. The GPS is useful, as well (I use Google Maps for that).
In a way, it's better than the iPhone for me. I have a motor skills disability, so I might have had trouble with the iPhone's touchscreen. And I really do not like Apple products anyway-they're overpriced for what you get (my iPod's battery breaking and my not being able to replace it myself turned me off Apple and their closed design philosophy). I might get a newer BlackBerry model someday (I was entitled to this one for free with my cell contract), but I think I will stick with a BlackBerry, or at least with non-Apple smartphones.

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