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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Battlestar Galactica

I finally got around to watching the last Galactica.
In general, I loved it. Great battle, and Tory finally getting what she deserves. I didn't mind the "it's all God's plan" stuff that much-I like a little mysticism in my entertainment. But the ending-"Gee, let's abandon all our technology!" OK, I know that they'll eventually run out of supplies, but they could at least jumpstart things. Scan for mineral deposits, and settle there-use the ships' last weapons to start the mining process. Land your ships, and scrap the metal. Set up a metalworking shop. Use your antibiotics until you make some penicillin. I'd love to see an epilogue, where the last survivor dies of plague, cursing Lee Adama's name for coming up with that damn fool plan. I do like Baltar and Six watching over humanity, though, and despite the ending, BSG was still one of the best sci-fi-and general television-series I've seen.

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