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Thursday, September 11, 2008



I remember where I was when the planes crashed.
I was heading into Mr. Rabuffo's Advanced Biology class. I had heard in the halls that "a plane" crashed into the Trade Center, but I thought it was a prop plane or something.
Mr. Rabuffo had the TV on, with the Trade Center burning. Everyone just stood there staring, jaws agape. He turned off the TV and explained for a minute how quickly they could evacuate those buildings. Then an announcement came to turn all the TVs on. That's all we did that day in school-watch the news. The bell would ring, we'd go to one class, watch the news, then go to our next class and do the same.
My Dad works in NYC. Though he doesn't work near the Trade Center, let alone in it, I have never been so glad to see him come home (after what he said was a very quiet train ride) as I was that day.

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