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Saturday, February 24, 2007


Everything’s Happening So Fast

OK, I got a job that will probably go on into the summer, and even if this job doesn’t work out, in all likelihood, I’ll have something else lined up in White Plains, or at least in NYC. That means that I’ll need an apartment in White Plains, which means I’ll be moving out of my parents’ house for good. I mean, I’ll still come home for the holidays, but I will be domiciled at another address. I will have to turn in my NJ driver’s license, which has my childhood address on it, for a NY license. God, it seems like just yesterday I was playing MarioKart with my Oak Hill friends. God, would it be so much to ask to go back to those times, even for a day? An hour? Is that so much to ask? I’m growing up so fast…

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