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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Muslims above the Law?

Muslim taxi drivers in the Minneapolis-St Paul airport are refusing to take legitimate fares because the passengers are carrying alcohol. Instead of yanking their licenses, the airport is indulging this by allowing them to indicate, via a colored light, that they will not take passengers with alcohol.

This sets a bad precedent. Taxis are common carriers. Common carriers are bound to take any passenger who can pay. In the case of taxis, this means not refusing a legitimate fare. In most places, cabbies who chronically do so have their licenses revoked. If this were a case of, say, Christian cabbies refusing to take homosexual couples, or refusing to take women to abortion clinics, that would probably happen. However, because it is politically correct to capitulate to Muslims in all things, these guys get to impose Shariah on America. What next? Will they refuse to take “immodestly” (by Muslim standards) dressed women, or women unaccompanied by a man? Muslim cabbies in other countries are already refusing to take seeing eye dogs. We must draw a bright line in this area. Cabbies must not be allowed to refuse legitimate fares. It doesn’t matter if it’s their religion or not. An individuals religious belief does not free him from compliance with otherwise valid laws on subjects the government is free to regulate, and the government is free to regulate common carriers.

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