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Saturday, September 30, 2006


Scrapped Princess

OK, so I finished watching Scrapped Princess the other day.

The anime as a whole was good. I liked the opening and ending songs, I liked the characters, etc. I sort of anticipated the major plot twist (eg: I could tell that ancient technology would be involved, I knew the Mauser church wasn’t what it seemed), but I did not anticipate that it would be a rip off of the Matrix. People, the “world is really a simulation” plot has been milked. Get over it!

But, although it was a familiar ride, it was still an enjoyable ride. Although the plot has, as I said, been done, it was still interesting to see how it unfolded in this instance. I did not come away from ScraPri thinking my time had been wasted. I would recommend watching it, especially if you can download it.

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