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Friday, August 18, 2006


I'm Off

I leave for law school tomorrow. My last summer vacation will end. I wrote a poem for the occasion. Hope you all like it. God, the time went by so fast...

Childhood’s End

Preparing to go to law school,

My last summer vacation-

I remember when I was younger-

Adulthood was far off in the distance

Barely visible.

I would drive around on my little toy fire truck

Or robot,

Or I would play Nintendo,

Then later Super Nintendo

Until my favorite TV shows came on

I remember

Singing along to Kids Incorporated

Journeying into the Hundred Acre Woods on Welcome to Pooh Corner

I remember Today’s Special

And the Little Koala

And David the Gnome

And I can’t leave out Real Ghostbusters!

Even when school seriously started,

In the afternoon,

I would still go into childhood’s dreamland

And watch Disney Afternoon-


And the weekends had


Ren and Stimpy


I remember spending all day on Final Fantasy 3 (I didn’t know it was 6 then)

Skipping lunch to beat Kefka.

I had no worries

About living on my own, or jobs, or anything else

I had no future

But summer vacation

But now those days are over.

High School and college stired me from my childhood dreams

And now they will end for good.

Oh, to go back to that magical time for just one day!

When ghosts were real and the Ghostbusters always vanquished them

And Inspector Gadget always caught the bad guys

And Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy were real

And, however fleetingly, magic was possible…

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