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Friday, August 11, 2006


Airport Security

So, thanks to the discovery of a new terrorist plot, no liquids except for formula and baby’s milk and no electronics on planes. Some thoughts:

-Somebody should invent some sort of test strip to dip in liquid that would indicate whether or not it’s an explosive, so people can take their own drinks onto planes again and not have to do gross things like drink breast milk.

-We now have to trust our MP3 players and laptops and camcorders to baggage handlers. Maybe airlines hire different kinds of people, but, when I went on my cruise to Halifax, the baggage handlers looked and acted like ex-cons. They did not look like the kind people I would trust with a $2000 laptop. Airlines should be held to a strict liability standard-if they choose to hire people who look and act like thugs, they need to be responsible for the consequences. If I ever have to travel with a laptop, I will give serious consideration to Amtrak and Greyhound (if I have to fly overseas, I might find someone I can mail my laptop to who could hold it for me-at least I could insure it).

-The article makes a good point-people use MP3 players to drown out screaming babies. Maybe the airlines could offer kid free flights? Some have “kids fly free”, right? Why not “adults fly free from kids”? I’d pay extra for that (even if I could still take my MP3 player, I’d still pay extra for a flight with nobody under, say, ten on board).

I know these security measures are necessary, but they should still find a way to mitigate the inconvenience.

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