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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Doctors != God

So they arrested the doctor and nurses who operated the Katrina T-4 Program. I’m glad.

I support the right to die. However, I support it because I believe in individual autonomy. If, say, a terminal cancer patient wants to end his suffering, that is no business of the government. However, this is not what happened here. This is a case of doctors deciding that some patients' lives were just too inconvenient, and so took those lives with out the patients’ consent. The unauthorized taking of an innocent human being’s life is murder. I want every nanosecond of life I can get. If I were in the patients’ position, I would rather learn to swim while connected to an IV stand, and have a .01% chance of living, then be murdered by someone in whom I (mis)placed my trust, and have a 0% chance of living-and if I change my mind about this, I want the final decision to be mine, not the doctor’s!

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