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Thursday, June 29, 2006


The China Connection

So, North Korea’s probable missile test.

First, I don’t think we should make a preemptive strike against it unless we want a second Korean War. Our military is stretched out enough as it is.

I think the best hope right now is China. Hostilities in Korea would not be good for China; they do not want to deal with the refugee and economic crisis that would occur; they also do not want to stop the lucrative China-US trade. China has an incentive to diffuse this. They need to tell Kim Jong Il, “Either you let us come in and take away your nukes and run your reactors and make sure you never get nukes again, while we proclaim that you are under our nuclear umbrella and don’t need nukes of your own, or we tell everyone who’ll listen that we would like to see an antinuke regime in Pyongyang.” Kim would either become somewhat sane, or he’d be dead within a week. (Thanks to Orson Scott Card.)

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