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Monday, May 01, 2006



Ah, the immigration issue.

I’d like to clear the air on this a little.

First, illegal immigrants are not the only “undocumented workers.” I did some freelance work over the summer (research), and I did not need “documentation” for that. You can be an “undocumented worker” and still be here legally.

Secondly, why should they be called “guest workers”? A “guest” is somebody you invite. Illegal immigrants weren’t invited; they basically shoved their way in.

Thirdly, why are some people trying to play the race card on this? Opposition to illegal immigration isn’t about racism, it’s about national security. We need a secure border to keep terrorists out. We need to know if criminals are trying to enter and live in this country. Now, I have nothing against immigrants; I personally wouldn’t see anything wrong with granting permanent residence status (not H1-B) to anyone who could support themselves, had no criminal record for anything more serious than, say, drug possession, and could speak English. But, as a sovereign nation, we need to control who gets into our country.

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