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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Fitness USA, Not Allah's Gym USA

I don’t believe this. Some Muslim women buy lifetime gym memberships. The gym in question has separate workout days for men and women. Fair enough. Now, they make a business decision to open part of the gym to both genders all days. Well, Allah wouldn’t like that! So now the Muslims are complaining. Keep in mind nothing in the contract they signed said anything about a single-sex gym. They need to realize that the US has different customs regarding the appropriate interactions between women and men than Muslim countries do. If they don’t like that, then maybe they’d be happier in, say, Iran.

Some enterprising person should start up a gym that caters to Muslism women, or just women in general. My mom used to go to a women-only gym, and she said she was more comfortable there. I think a lot of women feel that way, and not just Muslim ones.
I can see your point. But, would your mom have gotten a major special interest group (CAIR) involved over a gym not being single-sex. Some people go to the gym to meet people!
Also, there is at least one women-only gym-www.curves.com.
It's not the fact they they want a single-sex gym that annoys me so much as the big deal they're making about it. This was clearly a business decision, not an anti-Muslim decision.
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