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Sunday, September 04, 2005


Thoughts on Katrina

My first thought was: Why the hell didn't they plan for this more?! They had dodged a few bullets like this already, there were documentaries about what would happen to New Orleans if a "big one" should hit, they knew that New Orleans was basically a big bowl, so why didn't they at least shore up the levees? In fact, Bush took away money from New Orleans, choosing instead to prop up an Iran-style theocracy in Iraq. Glad to know where his priorities lie (ie: not with Americans).
And the conduct of some of the residents. OK, I can see taking food, water, medicine, etc, but how the hell is a TV set a necessity. Not to mention rape, and shooting the people trying to help them. Disgraceful. I hope that anyone committing a crime will be shot on sight. We can do without people who would take advantage of a situation like this. And before anyone accueses me or racism, let me say that I would find this kind of conduct disgraceful if it were being done by blacks, or whites, or Asians, or Hispanics, or little green men from Mars. Race is not the issue here, conduct is.
I am heartened to see, however, the great outpouring of help from the American people. If you can (and, if you can afford an Internet connection, you probably can), please donate to an aid organization such as the Red Cross. Let's show everyone that we as a people are basically good, idiotic administrations and barbarians notwithstanding.
In Other News: Rehnquist kicked the bucket. Just what we need, another Bush appointee. At least with him we'll just be trading conservative for conservative, so it won't upset the balance of the Court the way O'Connor's replacement will.

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