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Sunday, June 19, 2005


Two Father's Day Poems

To my Father

From the time I was born

To this very day

You were always there

When I needed

A ride someplace

A basketball hoop put in

(Remember the difference between a root and a wire?)

A new toy from the store

A new bike

A new console installed

A new computer

A car

Hard to find Christmas presents

(I guess I’ll be getting money from now on…)

A good education

Money when I got in over my head


Or someone to talk to

You were always there.

In return for this

On this Father’s Day

So close to my 21st birthday

So close to my achievement of full adulthood,

What can I give you

That compares to all that?

I can think of nothing that even comes close

But my filial love.

To Grandpa

I remember

From when I was a kid

You were always ready

To take me to the toy store

To the supermarke
Out to eat.

(And you always remembered to take souvenirs from the buffet!)

You were always ready to buy me something

And you always had money in your pocket for me.

When I got older

You helped me learn to drive

From my childhood to this very day

Your love for me was very deep.

On this Father’s Day

I would like to express my deep love for you.

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