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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Eminent Domain

I read in Ted Rall's column that the city of New London, CT, is attempting to seize the home of an 86 year old woman. Now, the power of eminent domain does have its place. Schools, roads, etc, could not be built without it. However, we are not talking about schools and roads. New London wants to kick this woman out of the house she has lived in all her life to build "a 90-acre upscale development complex comprising high-priced hotels, housing, a health club and corporate offices". Rall does not take a position on this, but I will.
The only excuse for eminent domain is to take private property for public use. This is taking private property, for somebody else's private use. To me, governments acting as Mafia thugs, making "offers you can't refuse" is morally repugnant. If the developers want this woman's property, they can buy it from her without government coercion, and if she won't sell, then too bad. There is no such thing as a right to another individual's property. If you disagree, email me with your address; I'll be over to assert my right to all your stuff. After all, I'll probably make much better use of it.

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